Zeroing in: A community-based approach to the design of public space for zero-carbon living

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    Wake, Susan J.
    Sommerville, Pippa
    2022 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers


This paper addresses our need to shift to a net-zero (zero-carbon) lifestyle. It begins by considering how public space can contribute to this and what other cities are doing about it. A case is then made for a community-based participatory approach, as it will empower people within the process of climate change mitigation. The results from participant surveys in the study area of Rānui, an outer suburb of Auckland, were followed by consultation workshops with community members. These were incorporated into a research-by-design process that has identified some key ways this community would like to see public space adapt in pursuit of a net-zero lifestyle. This research presents a holistic, integrated approach to emissions reduction which is meaningful and relevant for communities, and puts landscape architecture at the centre of the solution.

Keywords: zero emissions; net-zero, community participation; public space design.

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