Wikis ~ a tool to encourage student collaboration

  • YEAR
    Shannon, Susan J.
    Roberts, Ian W.
    2006 Conference Papers
    The Education of Future Architects


ABSTRACT: This paper describes the pilot University of Adelaide wiki project carried out in semester
2, 2005 and continued in semester 2, 2006. It describes the project background, outcomes and
evaluations and concludes with recommendations for the future.

A wiki (Hawaiian for quick) is web-based collaboration software that provides the opportunity for groups
of people to collaborate on documentation. The wiki interface is a web page which is accessible as
universally as the log on access permits, and is not ”academic” in its origin nor current usage.

The School of Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Urban Design graduate attributes require
excellent group work process familiarity and outcomes. As well as in-classroom and face-to-face
collaboration, the School has encouraged opportunities for online collaboration. However, not all
available online opportunities are welcomed by students (Shannon 2005). National (Krause 2005) and
these local research findings led to a decision by School staff to request University support for the
piloting of currently popular wikis as a means of encouraging greater collaboration between students.

This paper describes that process in detail and the evaluations conducted for students using this new
collaboration tool. The opportunities for this type of collaboration parallel professional office activities


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