WHICH HEATER SHOULD I CHOOSE? A comparative study of appliances and fuel sources

  • YEAR
    Bakshi, Nilesh
    Vale, Brenda
    Vale, Robert
    2013 Conference Papers
    Buildings & Energy


This research investigates not just appliances, but also the wider system to include how energy is supplied. This is an important aspect, currently overlooked, as decisions made now may have to last through the transition to a low carbon society. This research investigates the life-cycle energy of heating with heat pumps, wood stoves and electric oil heaters. The study identified the most efficient models available to consumers for each type of heater, based on the Energy Star rating scheme and recommended products listed by the Ministry for the Environment. A constant heating regime for a single room was used as the basis of comparison. The research also looks at different ways of supplying electricity in New Zealand and the effect this could have on the life-cycle performance of the system.



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