Volumetric study of multi-purpose school hall and its impact on visual and energy performance

  • YEAR
    Hariyanto, Agus Dwi
    Kou, Toppe Jeyabalan Lakshmikanth
    Loo, Jonny Susilo
    Cheong, Kelven Yee Weng
    2004 Conference Papers
    Computers and architecture


ABSTRACT: In view of the current emphasis on energy conservation and building performance,
computational design support tools can be readily applied to appraise new building designs. This study
investigates the visual and energy performance of an air-conditioned multi-purpose school hall in
Singapore when it is subjected to volumetric changes. Two computational support tools are used to
simulate the changes in energy load and illuminance level as the multi-purpose school hall is extended
horizontally and vertically. Various performance mandates are compared between the two extension
models and the base model for the justification of a better alternative design. Based on the results of
computer simulation, the vertical extension model excels in terms of thermal loads and lighting
performance. It requires a lower cooling load, utilizes more daylight and gives a better overall
illuminance performance than the horizontal extension model. Although the horizontal extension model
demands a higher energy load, it is a more energy efficient design due to its larger usable floor area.
The findings of this study may provide some insights to the suitable architectural design of a building in
the event of extension works.


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