Virtual Reality (VR) implementation; development towards an architectural framework

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    Griffiths, Llewelyn
    2019 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers
    Digital architecture


In order for people within the architecture profession to engage purposefully with Virtual Reality (VR)
technologies and processes a framework is required. In this paper, I draw upon scholarship in the architecture discipline that refers to VR as well as applied architecture that utilizes VR within an architecture firm. The paper provides a direction towards a framework that could be used to more effectively utilise VR alongside existing architectural processes. Example processes that have been tested in practice are discussed in this paper, outlining observations, achievements and downfalls of VR implementation. The initial findings indicate that there are multiple processes that this technology could employ however, further investigation is required to detail them. The paper provides a direction for an architectural framework and the initial findings contribute towards further research and application of VR in this area.

Keywords: Virtual Reality (VR), Architecture, VR processes


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