Using the Psychrometric Chart in building measurements

  • YEAR
    Horan, Peter
    Luther, Mark Brandt
    2010 Conference Papers


ABSTRACT: This paper centres around the presentation of multiple measured results on a psychrometric
chart. The psychrometric chart was programmed in Microsoft Office Excel to accommodate measured
results. It was written because existing programs appear not to cater for the researcher wishing to enter
results electronically onto the chart. Furthermore, many existing charts are complex and cluttered
displaying up to ten attributes, being intended for engineering design, whereas presenting the behaviour of
living and working environments is focused on wet and dry bulb temperature and relative humidity. As well
as results, users would also like to specify and adjust the ‘comfort zone’ (a shaded area on the chart) for
different ‘adaptive’ or ‘seasonal’ conditions. The comfort zone is bounded by lines of constant heat loss
from the skin, relative humidity and wet-bulb temperature.

The paper presents various applications of the psychrometric chart for the analysis and reporting of
research and discusses the programming of Microsoft Office Excel to generate the chart and display user


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