Using Point Cloud with GIS and Virtual Reality to Manage and Inspect Building Plumbing

  • YEAR
    Shih, Naai-Jung
    Wang, Pin-Hung
    2006 Conference Papers
    Construction and materials


ABSTRACT: The research develops a visual building plumbing management system (VBPMS) for
effective system maintenance and supervision. The study combines a geographic information system
(GIS) and a virtual reality (VR) program to manage and inspect a building plumbing system. The GIS
uses point cloud retrieved from a 3D scanner as raw data to record plumbing shapes and locations, to
assign serial numbers, to classify types, and to create databases. Because plumbing can be seen in
3D by ArcScene of ArcGIS, a plumber can find a pipe’s location and retrieve information via serial
number and database. On site seek and test time can be reduced during maintenance. The system
also allows a building manager using to supervise plumbing information as well as to locate and fix
problems in a timely manner.


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