Using Peoplemap Technique to Elicit and Broadcast Sense of Place

  • YEAR
    Xu, Leilei
    Elkadi, Hisham
    Leao, Simone
    2011 Conference Papers
    Urban Studies


ABSTRACT: The population in Geelong Region is expected to keep growing. In order to work towards a better future
of the region, it is essential to understand the feelings and needs of local communities and empower them in the
community affairs. This study used an innovative technique – peoplemap – to investigate local communities’ sense of
place. The primary objective of the investigations was to reveal the sense of place of Geelong Region.
Local residents (N=166) in Geelong Region were interviewed face-to-face about how they identify themselves, what
they love, what they want, and how empowered they feel. This paper reports the sense of place of three areas of
Geelong Region: Ocean Grove, Bannockburn and Teesdale, and Corio-Norlane. Thematic analyses revealed the
sense of place of these three areas, and identified their similarities and differences. The results of this study have
several implications for government policy makers, planners and designers. This study contributes to the sense of
place research, in that civic action was found to be a valid dimension of sense of place.


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