USING GRAPHS TO CAPTURE SPATIO-VISUAL RELATIONS: Expanding the properties considered in Discursive Grammar

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    Behbahani, Peiman Amini
    Gu, Ning
    Ostwald, Michael J.
    2013 Conference Papers
    Not Presented Papers


A discursive grammar is a generative design method that is capable of deriving architectural forms from design semantic requirements, one of which is spatial topology. Topology (spatial connectivity) is one of the conventional properties considered as part of the discursive grammar process. However, in past research using this approach, the impact of visual, rather than physical connectivity on design has not been effectively demonstrated. One reason for this is the inefficiency of the graph representations of space that are conventionally used in constructing a discursive grammar. To establish a foundation from which to address this issue, this paper proposes a new, graph-based model for spatial representation and visualisation, that is able to support the consideration of a number of spatial properties which are not available in current graph representations. This new conceptual approach to the topological graph method codes additional, spatio-visual properties of architecture in such a way that they can be considered in the discursive grammar.



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