Using data mining on building maintenance during the building life cycle

  • YEAR
    Reffat, Rabee M.
    Gero, John S
    Peng, Wei
    2004 Conference Papers
    Building maintenance, building life cycle and data mining


ABSTRACT: The data generated within the construction industry has become increasingly
overwhelming. Data mining technology presents an opportunity to increase significantly the rate at
which the volumes of data generated through the maintenance process can be turned into useful
information. This can be done using classification algorithms to discover patterns and correlations
within a large volume of data. This paper investigates the potentials of applying data mining
techniques on maintenance data of buildings to identify the impediments to better performance of
building assets. It demonstrates what sorts of knowledge can be found in maintenance records. The
benefits to the construction industry lie in turning passive data in databases into knowledge that can
improve the efficiency of the maintenance process and of future designs that incorporate that
maintenance knowledge.


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