User satisfaction with academic buildings – findings from post occupancy evaluations

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    Baird, George
    Marriage, Guy
    2015 Conference Papers
    Built Environment Performance Assessment
    Conference Papers


This paper summarises the results of post-occupancy evaluations of eighteen academic buildings spread over a range of countries and climatic zones. These were carried out using a Building Use Studies questionnaire under licence. Responses were elicited from around 1,000 staff and postgraduates and approximately twice that number of undergraduate students. The mean values, on a seven-point scale, for twelve factors are tabulated and the buildings ranked by a Summary Index. The context, design characteristics and users’ perceptions of eight of these buildings are then described in more detail, four of which had high indices and four low. It is concluded that while the owners and designers of all of these buildings had high aspirations, and that all of them applied appropriate design methods, more strenuous efforts were needed in order to successfully apply full natural ventilation in climates towards the hot-humid end of the range. Noise issues were also evident in naturally ventilated buildings where air transfer routes also acted as sound transmission paths, frequently compounded by associated hard surfaces. The non-availability of building user guides for the occupants was also noted.


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