User perceptions of building management systems in the continuous commissioning process

  • YEAR
    Askew, Cara
    Donn, Michael
    2018 Conference Papers
    Architectural Science: Building and Energy
    Conference Papers


This paper explores how Building Management Systems (BMS) are used to facilitate Continuous Commissioning (CCx) in large non-residential buildings. Professionals in the building industry (n=33) participated in an online survey that asked about the importance of BMS in facilitating CCx and their perceived level of satisfaction with current BMS capabilities. The characteristics of CCx reported by participants indicated the majority of participants use manual and bespoke methods. They also indicate limitations of BMS in providing continuous and automated streams of HVAC data trends which are essential for CCx. Participants reported the most important way BMS could facilitate CCx is through monitoring the required HVAC trends. However, the required data is not always immediately available. It is apparent that when BMS are initially installed, they are not set up to record and store the HVAC data trends. This prompts the question: how should BMS be set up to be best able to facilitate continuous commissioning?


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