Understanding the user perceptions of the public and private threshold in intensive housing design in Wellington, New Zealand

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    Faulkner, Ariana
    Bakshi, Nilesh
    Chicca, Fabricio
    Brown, Andre
    Moughan, Frances
    2019 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers
    Interpretation traditional built environment and practice


This study investigates user perception of the public and private threshold within intensive
housing in Wellington, New Zealand. The specific focus is to investigate the perception within the
threshold that is the transitional area between the front door and the street curb. Two Wellington, New
Zealand, based housing developments, The Altair complex (Newtown) and Britomart complex
(Berhampore), were selected as case studies against specific criteria. These criteria promote a diverse
target demographic to increase variability in results. Human experience within the public and private
threshold are recorded and collated through a series of semi-structured interviews. The objective of the
study is to understand the residents’ personal opinion on the space; what works and what doesn’t. The
results are analysed and relevant literature is integrated to reveal trends and design implications.
Ultimately, a set of guidelines and design implications are produced, which can be followed at a design
level. These strategies aim to guide the design-phase in future industry projects, therefore, improving
the human experience within intensive housing.

Keywords: User perception, public and private threshold, intensive housing, medium-density housing.


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