Understanding comfort in homes designed on principles of Vaastushastra

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    Karani, Malini
    2019 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers
    Interpretation traditional built environment and practice


Abstract: Vaastushastra is an ancient vernacular architectural practice that has been utilized by Indians
since the Indus civilization. This paper examines comfort levels in homes designed using these principles
and are built in Dubai. Some of these principles are similar to passive design theories and the correlation can be understood by examining the former. The correlation of Vaastushastra to passive design could be the underlying cause for users’ comfort in homes that are designed on these principles. The paper investigates the connection between the principles of Vaastushastra and users’ comfort in residential spaces. The core aspects of Vaastushastra are, Panch Maha Bhutas (5 elements) and Vaastu Purush Mandala (Cosmic Grid). The Panch Maha Bhutas are earth, fire, water, wind and space, which represent the elements of nature. Users’ comfort in residential spaces is linked to four of the five senses, with taste being the exception. Homes in Dubai that are built on the principles of Vaastushastra were used to show the connection between the two theories. The result of the study shows the impact that each of these principles have on the residents’ comfort and how the design of the house could be modified to improve comfort.

Keywords: Vaastushastra; comfort; homes; Dubai


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