Unconventional approach to housing design and construction practice in Indonesia and its challenges

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    Kusyala, Dibya
    Darmana, Asep
    Lim, Yusin
    2018 Conference Papers
    Architectural Science, Construction and Technology
    Conference Papers


Globally urban housing is moving toward a vertical high-density typology. Addressing the high-density issue in Bandung City, the local government aims to improve the sprawling unplanned-settlement by redesign the area and provide medium to high-rise development in place of sprawled landed housing. A case study of Walk-up apartment project in Tamansari, Bandung is discussed in this paper to elaborate further about unconventional approach to housing design
and subsequently in the construction practise. The project was designed by Akanoma studio, adopts an innovative design approach. Design concept was developed based on the understanding of site context and general issues in Bandung, among of them are urban water issue, site topography, and waterfront area within the site. One of the design strategy is to design the building as a stilt structure to maximize absorption area while minimizing site intervention. The design was implemented through a design and built method which is not common in Indonesia’s construction practise. During the construction process, issues and challenges are arising. This paper employed deep interview with the stakeholders involved and literature study. This paper aims to study the implementation process of Rumah Deret Tamansari and its challenges.


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