TRNSYS simulation and thermal performance of biomimetic façade designs

  • YEAR
    Webb, Matthew
    Aye, Lu
    Green, Ray
    2015 Conference Papers
    Buildings and Energy
    Conference Papers


Biomimicry – innovation inspired by nature – is a creative methodology that translates characteristics from the biological world to the domain of human technology. Functional biomimicry offers opportunities to advance the development of flexible building facades. Following biomimetic principles, external fur and bioheat transfer (blood perfusion) and were combined into a mathematical model of a commercial office building façade for a west-facing wall of an office building situated in Melbourne, Australia. Simulation software TRNSYS was used to determine temperatures and heat transfer of this biomimetic façade in summer design conditions compared to a reference. The biomimetic façade was simulated to provide cooling of greater than 50 W/m2 and reduced mean surface temperatures in the occupied zone by 2.8C, compared with the reference.


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