Transformation of ‘urban grey pocket’ to ‘urban green pocket’ in Dhaka, Bangladesh

    Khan, Tanjina
    Hyde, Richard
    Architecture and the environment
    Urban and landscape studies


ABSTRACT: Due to the increase in migration to Dhaka city every year, it is undergoing rapid growth in the area of urbanization and consequently the new settlements, housing development projects and slum areas are all adding to the environmental impact. Due to the elevated price and scarcity of land, the city is developing both vertically in the city centre and horizontally towards the northern outskirts. Unfortunately in most cases the application of proper urban planning and development regulations is not being effectuated. Both old and new developing areas often have left over or unplanned spaces, otherwise known as ‘urban grey pockets’, which are becoming a threat to the environment as well as the society. In this paper, the author aims to address this issue through the means of a case study and proposes several ideas that can be taken into consideration with regards to the implementation and improvement of sustainable design in order to take change of the current situation. If the current situation is to improve, the application of proper design guidelines and regulated standards is imperative.

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