TOWARDS PERVASIVE HYBRID INTERFACES: Integration of ubiquitous computing technology in the design process

  • YEAR
    De la Cruz, Eliel
    Tomitsch, Martin
    2013 Conference Papers
    Design Education & Design Research


TUIs, AR, gesture and voice recognition are just some of the ubiquitous computing (ubicomp) technologies that have quickly taken a centric place in our everyday lives. The vast surge of computing systems and commercial devices which use these technologies is increasing at a surprising rate. Hardware and software developers are quickly including innovations to supply the demand for new technology. However, very little has been done towards investigating plausible ways to integrate ubicomp technology in the design process. To obtain solutions that would fill the gap between the current development of tools and their integration in the design process will require research of not just the ubicomp technology, but also the design process, and the factors that determine when and if designers use technological tools. This paper will consider the following questions: 1) What are the opportunities for integrating ubicomp technology in the design process? 2) What are the key components needed to successfully enhance the design process with ubicomp technology? Using the field of architecture as a study context and grounded on an analysis of theories and findings from previous research this paper provides answers to the above questions and introduces the concept of Pervasive Hybrid Interfaces as a future avenue for the integration of ubicomp technologies in the design process.


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