Towards an Evidence Base Model for Environmental Retrofit- mapping solution sets for near carbon neutral buildings in warm climates

  • YEAR
    Rajapaksha, Upendra
    Rajapaksha, Indrika
    Hyde, Richard
    2011 Conference Papers
    Sustainability Issues


ABSTRACT; The paper presents an evidence base model for environmental retrofitting of an existing nondomestic
buildings in warming climates. The model is grounded in bioclimatic design, and uses a four-phase
methodology; mapping thermal load profiles, monitoring interventions for performance improvement with current
and future climates and presenting evidence for future use. Thermal load characteristics, both externalities
(climate and building design) and internalities (occupancy and equipment), which affect the heat load profiles
and therefore energy performance of a building, are classified as areas for retrofitting. The model is used to
demonstrates the solution sets needed to renovate a 23 storey high office building in Brisbane, to a nearly zero
carbon consumer, with 5 star NABERS greenhouse gas emission rating off set with renewable energy.


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