Toward a Pre-Assessment Framework for Green Star: A survey on New Zealand building professionals

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    Mo, Jisun
    Boarin, Paola
    Premier, Alessandro
    2020 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers
    Construction, Building Materials & Integrated Technology


A relatively large number of buildings around New Zealand have been certified through green building rating systems, signalling the interest of the building market to expand the use of different sustainability approaches. However, existing green rating systems are still not capturing full market potential and the attention of building professionals and/or stakeholders to foster widespread adoption of green building rating systems in the country. This paper investigates the barriers involved in implementing green building certification systems for New Zealand buildings, with a focus on Green Star, by using a qualitative approach based on surveys offered to building and design professionals and Green Star accredited professionals. The questionnaire process involved the collection of email addresses publicly available on professional organisation websites. The questionnaire was set-up using the Qualtrics survey tool that is offered by The University of Auckland. The questionnaire was conducted through an anonymous online survey over a month. The most significant barriers identified in the research were: insufficient knowledge about green building rating systems guidelines/manuals; time pressure and increased time investment; additional unforeseen costs usually ‘hidden’ in the certification process. Additional information emerged about critical aspects related to specific topic areas and credits of the Green Star rating system. This study offers direct, first-hand, knowledge about specific barriers to consider at each stage of the certification process for New Zealand buildings.

Keywords: Barriers; Green building rating system; Green Star certification; Pre-Assessment Tool


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