To understand the systemic and contextual factors to improve the strategic decision making of regenerative projects

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    Qadir, Jas
    Moore, Dave
    GhaffarianHoseini, Ali
    George, Clare Tedestedt
    Rotimi, James
    2020 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers
    Practice Based & Interdisciplinary Design & Research


This paper presents an exploratory investigation of definitions, benefits, barriers, and drivers in the landscape of regenerative development (RD), mainly through international developments but contextualizes it to the New Zealand (NZ) built environment. We combined the content analysis of relevant literature with Informal Interviews and industry discussion programme involving key stakeholders from the NZ built environment sector. We contribute to the literature by extending and elaborating our understanding of regenerative development landscape of NZ. We extend the literature on factors influencing strategic decision-making of regenerative projects by exploring the landscape via industry stakeholders. We further elaborate on how regenerative projects are facilitated or hindered by wider contextual conditions. These included the use of value-based decision making, the need for governance and partnership among stakeholders of varying cultural aspirations; capturing, measuring and tracking the overall performance of the through social, human, natural, political, cultural and financial capitals; the potential for increased democracy and participation amongst stakeholders; and flexible and adaptable policy facilitating collaboration among private and public sector organisations. The paper concludes with recommendations for future work on these questions.

Keywords: Regenerative Development, Value-Based Decision Making, Governance and Partnerships.


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