Timber Frame Construction for a Circular Materials Economy: Alternative Framing Methods and Post‐Use Certification

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    Finch, Gerard
    Forbes, Nick
    Marriage, Guy
    2017 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers
    Modes of Production


The building and construction sector in New Zealand consumes more than 50% of all raw
materials while simultaneously generating more than half of all waste sent to landfill. These
unprecedented levels of consumption are set to continue as demand for residential housing continues to
grow rapidly. This research suggests that building construction methodologies and compliance
infrastructure could be established that would enable the widespread reuse and recycling of building
materials. Design experimentation shows that an efficient, flexible and affordable reusable wall system
can be fabricated using a range of commonly available construction materials. Practices for the post‐use
certification and strength testing of materials are proposed to validate widespread adoption of material
reuse in the construction industry. Visual strength grading of recycled timber is highlighted as a critical
factor for enabling the widespread and affordable reuse of this material.


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