Thermal performance research in Australia: the formative period 1942–1972

  • YEAR
    Williamson, Terry
    2004 Conference Papers
    Social and political issues in architecture


ABSTRACT: The design of houses to suite the Australian environment has been a preoccupation from
the first day that Europeans set foot on the shores of Botany Bay. Following WWII a scientific approach
to researching the relationship between building design and the climate commenced. From then and up
to the present three periods of research can be identified, each characterized by a concern for a
particular guiding principle. This paper concentrates on the first formative period between 1945 & 1972
when thermal performance research work in Australia was dominated by two organizations, the
Department of Works, Commonwealth Experimental Building Station (CEBS) located in Ryde in
Sydney, and the CSIRO, Division of Building Research (DBR) situated in Highett in Melbourne. During
this period the thermal performance research conducted by these organisations was recognised
throughout the world for its innovation. The paper summarises the major work undertaken and how the
themes and concepts that informed this work are still with us today.


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