Thermal performance and modelling: selected housing case studies in New Zealand

  • YEAR
    Novak, Evzen
    Taylor, Mark
    Mackay, Christina
    2011 Conference Papers
    Sustainability Issues


ABSTRACT: This paper presents a joint research project between Victoria University of Wellington’s
School of Architecture and Design and the Wellington-based architectural practice Studio Pacific
Architecture. The computer-aided thermal modelling of residential buildings currently remains outside
the bounds of conventional architectural practice, leaving architectural practitioners to rely on traditional
‘rules of thumb’ for evaluating the thermal performance of their designs. This paper presents
preliminary research into the application of thermal modelling software as a tool for the designer to
better evaluate the complexities of thermal performance than through conventional means. Using the
modelling software AccuRate NZ, eight recent residential projects of Studio Pacific Architecture were
modelled and analysed in terms of their thermal insulation, construction materials and glazing to wall
ratio to determine the efficacy and relationship of each component and to better understand how each
measure can be employed to respond to the specific conditions of each architectural project.


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