Thermal comfort, temperature and humidity variation according to Malaysian terrace house orientation

  • YEAR
    Kuppusamy, Sivaraman s/o
    2007 Conference Papers
    Effective environments: thermal, luminous, sonic, haptic, hygienic


Abstract: Cross-sectional study was carried out with specific objective to determine the mean indoor
temperature, outdoor temperature, relative humidity and indoor thermal comfort level in relation to
north-south orientated and east-west orientated of single storey terrace houses. The study focused on
32 units of north-south orientated and 32 units of east-west orientated single storey terrace houses in
Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia The instrument used is Thermo-Hygrometer, Model:
THG312 which monitors the indoor temperature, outdoor temperature and relative humidity digitally at
3 hours intervals form 10.00 pm to 7.00 pm on 2 consecutive days. T-test revealed that the mean
indoor temperature is proportionate to mean outdoor temperature but the mean relative humidity is
reciprocal to mean outdoor temperature. Using Multiple Linear Regression – ‘Stepwise’ method, a
Mathematical Models showing different influence on different time period were developed for both
north-south and east-west orientated single storey terrace houses. R2 which indicates the relationship
strength and p-value which indicates the significance revealed that the east-west orientated single
storey terrace houses have stronger correlation / association of the mean outdoor temperature and the
mean relative humidity on the mean indoor temperature.


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