Thermal Comfort Analyses of Elementary School Students in the Tropical Region

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    Hamzah, Baharuddin
    Mulyadi, Rosady
    Amin, Samsuddin
    2017 Conference Papers
    Architectural Science
    Conference Papers


This study aimed to analyse the thermal comfort level of students in primary school classrooms
in the tropical region with the case studies done in Makassar, Indonesia. The data collection was done
through a survey in the six selected primary schools in Makassar. The study involved 1,111 students from
33 classrooms. The recorded data includes personal data and the thermal environments, i.e. air
temperature, air humidity, mean radiant temperature (MRT), and airflow velocity. At the same time,
students were asked to fill out questionnaires asking their comfort level perceived at the time of
measurements. The results showed that Temperatures range from 28.33oC in the morning (8:00 am) to
34.29oC in the afternoon (2:20 pm). Air humidity ranges from 53% to 89% with an average of 68%.
Students experienced relatively stagnant airflow conditions characterised by a minimum 0m/s, an average
0.1m/s, and a maximum 1.45m/s of air velocity. The elementary school students are quite tolerant to high
temperatures. Even though only a small percentage of respondents (28%) feel neutral in comparison with
respondents who feel warm and hot (43%), 86% of them accepted these conditions. However, more than
72% of respondents preferred to decrease the air temperature in the classrooms.


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