The Wireless Experience

  • YEAR
    Pietsch, Susan M
    2006 Conference Papers
    The Education of Future Architects


ABSTRACT: Providing sufficient computer resources for students in technology rich programs like
Architecture is an ongoing financial challenge to schools. Alternatives need to be considered that could
potentially free resources from the computer hardware treadmill. One such alternative is to provide
access to the expensive software programs via a wireless network that students could access using
their own laptops. To investigate this a short case study was conducted by the author into the use of
wireless technology and portable computing to explore its impact on students’ learning and
receptiveness to the concept. The case study’s main objective was to investigate if a more flexible form
of software delivery and computing access would make a positive impact on student’s learning. Minor
objectives were to investigate the technical issues as well as, in true constructivist terms, discover what
issues arose. This paper describes the outcomes of that study, drawing directly on the student input to
illustrate points to the reader.


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