The Use of AccuRate, in the design process of Two Developer Type Timber Platform Houses, to achieve a 5 Star & an 8 Star House Energy Rating

  • YEAR
    Dewsbury, Mark
    Nolan, Gregory
    Fay, Roger
    Vale, Robert
    2006 Conference Papers
    Building and Energy


ABSTRACT: In the current developer-driven residential building market, there are perceived difficulties
in the use of a timber platform flooring system in cool temperate climates. This is evident in the
requirements of the Deemed To Satisfy provisions of the Building Code of Australia. The University of
Tasmania has been working with a developer to inform the design process, to achieve a 5 Star house
and an 8 Star house with timber platform flooring. The 5 Star house has been designed to suit the 5
Star energy efficiency requirements of the BCA. The 8 Star house has been designed to the principles
of a ‘No Bills’ house, a residence with minimal heating or cooling requirements. The design process
has been led by the developer. Fabric, insulation and glazing advice have been given to the developer,
based on AccuRate assessments of the house plans by the researchers. The outcomes include
building systems for a 5 Star house with no sub-floor insulation and an 8 Star house which includes
sub-floor insulation. It is planned that these houses will be built in the next twelve months and
monitored intensively to validate the AccuRate assessments.


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