The presentation of local data on site through augmented reality

  • YEAR
    Ünal, Faruk Can
    Demir, Yüksel
    2020 Conference Papers
    Building, Tectonics & Energy; Design Education & Research; History & Theory in Architectural Science; Modes of Production & Mass Customization; Smart & Intelligent Cities
    Conference Papers


This paper proposes a model that uses augmented reality for the presentation of local data on site. Due to the fact that architecture interacts directly with environmental factors, the architect needs to take into account the data about the surrounding context of the site while developing the design. Focusing on the data need of the architect during the site visit and analysis before starting a conceptual design, the representation of local data through augmented reality is conceptually pointed out in this study. Afterwards, the technical structure of the model is presented by the regulation of the flowchart that bases on data acquisition, query, and display. This model enables the architect to participate more closely in the exploration of the site during the early design phase. Thus, instead of collecting data separately from various mediums, it provides a holistic view of the local data on site, and converts the real environment to working medium.

Keywords: Local data; augmented reality; architectural design.


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