The New Zealand Building Code: changes to timber treatment

  • YEAR
    Murphy, Chris
    Frost, Glen
    2004 Conference Papers
    Social and political issues in architecture


ABSTRACT: Recent submissions to the Building Industry Authority on changes to the rules governing
timber treatment drew over 300 submissions from all sectors of the building industry – an indication of
the keen interest in the BIA’s revamping of the building code following continued controversy over
building performance here in New Zealand. The submissions are of interest as much for the insight
they give into the mind-set of the various stakeholders as for the technical appropriateness of their
arguments for or against the continued use of treated timber.

This paper will provide a brief history of the controversy surrounding building performance. It will
summarise the BIA’s initial proposals for changes to B2/AS1, analyse the nature of the 300
submissions for and against these proposals and indicate the effect the submission process had on the
final Approved Document.


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