The morphological characteristics and self-construction mode of rural dwellings in the suburbs of Tianjin – Taking Xijingyu village of Tianjin city in China as an example

  • YEAR
    Wang, Lijun
    Sun, Xuyang
    2016 Conference Papers
    Architectural Science and Building Design
    Conference Papers


In this paper, taking Xijingyu village of Tianjin city in China as an example, through on-site field investigations about traditional stone dwellings there, we summed up their morphological characteristics from the points of site selection, overall layout, functional organization and construction craft. During this process, we analyzed the regional living wisdom they contained. Then, we summarized the current situation of the self-construction of vernacular dwellings in Xijingyu village and discussed their self-construction mode. Finally, in view of local actual situation, we offered some appropriate and reasonable proposals for the self-construction mode of the dwellings there. We did this to help record, extract and inherit the traditional regional living wisdom for Xijingyu village, and to provide academic guidance for contemporary self-construction of dwellings. This research can also be taken as reference for the study of rural residential houses in others villages around Tianjin.


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