• YEAR
    Vanz, Elena
    Karakiewicz, Justyna A.
    2014 Conference Papers
    Interactive Environments & Collaboration


Following the Health and Safety Executive report twenty five percent of accidents per year in the manufacturing sector are re-lated to slips, trips and falls (STF), involving significant costs for em-ployers. Two of the main reasons for accidents are slippery steps, stairs or ramps, and stairs or passageways that are poorly lit. The fol-lowing paper presents a preliminary evaluation of moving from proto-typing to manufacturing of a designed safety kit, the iTUR, which aims to prevent SFT injuries. This device has been developed over the past three years throughout the design and testing of a series of devic-es investigating renewable power generation through piezoelectric sensor technology for LED lighting output. The iTUR has been de-signed to be easily retrofitted within existing metal stair treads as a stand-alone power unit. By activating the lights when stepping on the stair tread the user is guided along the staircase. In case of slippery conditions, lights change in color and frequency providing a dynamic real-time warning reminder to the user. The device is low-cost pre-senting minimum electronic and mechanic parts and it is easy to attach to existing metal treads. Further challenges relate to the development of a robust marketing strategy and a business model estimating the ini-tial number of costumers and profit margin per year.


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