The influence of latitude variations on daylighting rule of thumb effectiveness

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    Ibrahim, N. Lukman N.
    Hayman, Simon
    Hyde, Richard
    2009 Conference Papers
    Best Conference Papers
    Conference Papers


Rule of thumb in daylighting is often regarded as a universal principle which can be applied in any geographical location. For example the 20% to 25% window area to floor area ratio is a well known daylighting rule of thumb proposed by various researchers in Europe and in the United States. However, very few researchers have provided testimony to the applicability of this rule in other regions. A previous daylighting simulation work using Lumen Micro 8 has testified to the validity of this rule of thumb in Sydney, Australia. The current simulations carried out using AGi-32 lighting software cover latitudes deviations away from Sydney to include those closer to the Equator and the South Pole. The daylighting simulations also address variations in window area to floor area ratios. The limitations of the window area to floor area ratio rule of thumb in other latitudes are thus identified.


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