The Influence of Indoor Environmental Quality in Schools: A Systematic Literature Review

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    Ackley, Aniebietabasi
    Donn, Michael
    Thomas, Dr. Geoff
    2017 Conference Papers
    Architectural Science
    Conference Papers


The impact of IEQ (daylight, temperature, acoustics and indoor air quality) in school settings is
a subject of concern for many scholars and parents and teachers. This review has appraised the breadth
of studies that have examined the influence of IEQ on learning performance and health in schools. Using
the replicable search processes of a systematic literature adopted from medical research practice, one
hundred and fifty relevant articles were retrieved from four search databases (Science direct, Scopus,
PubMed and Google Scholar). Analysis of these articles has revealed that the impact on students’ health
and comfort of each individual IEQ variable is significant. This, in some studies has been shown to
influence learning performance. However, while these variables are interlinked in building design they are
not studied together in health and learning performance studies. An evidence‐based method is proposed
for investigating what relative contributory effect these four variables have on learning performance. As
these IEQ variables individually have a very significant effect on student performance, this study has the
potential to guide important changes in the design and refurbishment of new and existing school
buildings. If successful, it could support educational quality and effectiveness of teaching and learning.


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