The feasibility of implementing ‘building performance sketching’ within the building design process through the use of the distributed model method

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    Braasch, Elzine
    Donn, Michael
    2016 Conference Papers
    Architectural Science and Digital Design
    Conference Papers


Performance Sketching is the act of assessing the performance of an architectural sketch through the use of detailed building performance simulation (BPS) tools in the early stages of design. BPS tools offer tremendous potential for informing design to improve the passive performance of a building, but are inhibited by limitations and barriers to their use in the early stages of the design process – where the most influential design decisions are made. This paper presents an exploration of the views and perceptions from the New Zealand building industry on the feasibility of performance sketching using the plug-in, Honeybee for Rhinoceros/Grasshopper, as an example of a distributed modelling method (DMM). The study concluded that DMM cannot currently address all wants and wishes of users established in literature, but has potential. Future research efforts are required to focus upon: creating industry specific templates for building types; developing these templates to be adaptable for the different modelling operators of the proposed workflow demonstrated to the participants within this study; and developing quality assurance standards for modelling and guidelines for model validation. Finally, the study concluded with future work required beyond tool development: improving education of architects; and introducing legislation.


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