The craft tradition

  • YEAR
    Vale, Brenda
    Vale, Robert
    2004 Conference Papers
    Architectural education


ABSTRACT: The Victorian argument over whether ‘gothic’ or ‘classical’ formed the basis of a true
national style of architecture appropriate for the age in the UK has been well documented. The ensuing
Arts and Crafts Movement of the end of the 19th century advocated a return to craft techniques as a
means of creating this national style, since these techniques underpinned all that was seen as good in
the English vernacular tradition. However, this move coincided with two major educational changes; for
architects this meant a move from architectural pupilage to a formal and structured education offering
degrees in architecture; for tradesmen education also moved into colleges away from the apprentice
system. This paper will set out the historical background to this situation and look at the effect it had on
design and building at that time. Knowledge of the history of architectural education may help in
understanding the split between technology and design in current architectural education.


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