The Collaborative Algorithmic Design Notebook

  • YEAR
    Castelo-Branco, Renata
    Caetano, Inês
    Pereira, Inês
    Leitão, António
    2020 Conference Papers
    Building, Tectonics & Energy; Design Education & Research; History & Theory in Architectural Science; Modes of Production & Mass Customization; Smart & Intelligent Cities
    Conference Papers


Design studios are increasingly interested in collaborative Algorithmic Design (AD) practices. However, AD uses algorithmic descriptions that are often difficult to understand and change, hindering the adoption of AD in collaborative design. We propose improving collaborative AD by adopting a programming environment that allows for (1) developing designs incrementally, (2) documenting the history of the design with visual artifacts, (3) providing immediate feedback during the development process, and (4) facilitating the comprehension of collaborative AD projects. Given that computational notebooks are currently being explored in scientific research to solve similar problems, in this paper, we adapt the notebook workflow to support collaborative AD processes, outlining three main collaboration strategies. We evaluate currently existing notebook environments regarding each of the strategies and the impact they have on the development of AD projects.

Keywords: Collaborative design; algorithmic design; computational notebook.


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