The Academic Acclimatisation Difficulties of International Students of the Built Environment

  • YEAR
    Tucker, Richard
    Ang, S.
    2006 Conference Papers
    The Education of Future Architects


ABSTRACT: The teaching models common to Australasia can be antithetical to those of its Asian
neighbours. Australasian andragogy is a bottom-up student-centred mode of knowledge transmission
promoting extroverted learning styles, whilst in Asia andragogy is commonly a top-down teachercentred
model promoting introspective learning. Yet these teaching styles are in opposition to the
cultural-systems attributed to Asia and the West. Such socio-cultural differences have been recognised
at Deakin as contributing to the difficulties international Architecture and Construction Management
undergraduates experience when asked to learn in multi-disciplinary collaborative teams. This paper
presents the initial stages of a study currently running as a reflexive research program aimed at
resolving these learning difficulties. The primary aim of this program is to inform a new culturally
inclusive andragogy for design teaching. The outcome of the research questions are addressed
through a triangulated analysis that will be introduced in this paper including: the formative appraisal of
student satisfaction through questionnaires; the summative evaluation of student achievement through
the analysis of grades and the assessment of knowledge and skills gained through the measure of
student design projects; and illuminative evaluation through focus group discussions and the
observation of tutorials.


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