• YEAR
    Manfredi, Camila
    Martinez, Ricardo
    Herrera, Gaston
    2014 Conference Papers
    Facade Design


This article describes the design and making process of a textile shading mesh, developed as part of a master degree thesis at the School of Architecture of the University of Santiago. This is a collaps-ible shading mesh that can be used in combination with curtain wall-ing in order to block sun rays in summer and decrease indoor tempera-ture. Due to its materials, this mesh is lightweight and resistant. It incorporates a novel 3D geometric pattern, similar to certain types of Arabic screens, which ensures efficient shading at critical times of the day during the summer, without impeding vision from inside. The mesh was tested by digital modelling, showing favourable results in terms of reduction of indoor temperature in summer (between 5 and 6 degrees Celsius) and a marginal heat loss in winter. A prototype was built and then attached to an actual building allowing further observa-tion and testing in situ. Different materials, various fabrication meth-ods and attaching systems were explored at this stage.


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