Ten years of environmental university building

  • YEAR
    Luther, Mark Brandt
    Leung, Tony C.Y.
    2010 Conference Papers


ABSTRACT: The authors have been involved in over ten years of environmental consulting and research
on university buildings. Numerous simulations and measurement studies have occurred over this period of
time. The intentions have always been to improve and optimise the environmental performing aspects of a
building. This paper is a reporting of the implemented strategies, their pre-building research investigation
as well as their operational outcomes. Their successes and failures are discussed here. This research is
intended as a feedback loop to future design specification, commissioning and maintenance

In hindsight many of the environmental concepts, when executed as planned, were successful. However,
often those requiring extensive control, such as lighting, ventilation and mechanical air-conditioning were a
failure. The observations between simulation and actual performance are also noted. The paper includes
discussion about some of the obstacles in building procurement which can hinder the result of a good
environmental performing building.


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