STUDY ON URBAN TEMPERATURE AND LAND-USE IN GUANGZHOU BASED ON RS AND GIS: Relationship of Urban heat island effect and land-use trends

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    Li, Chen-yang
    Zheng, Jing-yu
    Yao, Ying
    Yu, Lu
    2013 Conference Papers
    Not Presented Papers


It has been known that rapid urbanization has caused the raising urban warming phenomenon, which had been named ad Urban Heat Island Effect (UHI). By static analysis and dynamic analysis based on RS and GIS method, this paper revealed the relationship of UHI and land-use trends of Guangzhou between 2001 and 2009. To conclude, temperature distribution and land-use condition of Guangzhou had been plotted. Quantificationally, on static analysis, land-use has a close positive correlation relationship with urban temperature, from the aspects of land-use types and the intensive degree of utilize. Meanwhile, on dynamic analysis, this research proved that unbalanced extreme temperature distribution had been intensified, which means UHI had been exacerbated in relativity level.



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