Study on the thermal and visual performance due to highly reflective façade in Singapore

  • YEAR
    Wen, Jianxiu
    Wong, N.H
    Ignatius, Marcel
    Chen, Xinzhu
    2018 Conference Papers
    Architectural Science: Building Science and Built Environment Quality


This study preliminarily investigates the impact of highly reflective building façade material on the thermal and visual performance of surrounding buildings in the tropics. A 9-story commercial building with curved stainless-steel façade was observed and indicated as the source of reflective glare. Field measurement was conducted on nearby a 4-story school building which is directly affected. Indoor globe temperature, glass and wall surface temperatures, and illuminance
were measured in six selected classrooms. Parameters such as weather condition, horizontal location, vertical location, and shading were analysed based on the data collected from the on-site measurement. The measurement data on a sunny day and a cloudy day were selected and compared. From the measurement data, it is found that weather condition plays a vital role in determining both indoor thermal and visual performance; while horizontal and vertical locations also have a considerable effect. On the other hand, horizontal overhangs can help to reduce air temperature, surface temperature and illuminance value which can help to achieve a better indoor thermal and visual environment.


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