Space Vehicle-Building Design Process Issues and Models. A framework

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    Zhu, Zhelun
    Fioravanti, Antonio
    Coraglia, Ugo Maria
    2020 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers
    Digital Architecture, BIM & City Information Modelling (CIM)


Human-crewed Space missions have had a renewed interest in recent years related to long-term strategies for humankind’s sustainability. It involves avantgarde scientific fields and deals with the vital problems of shielding astronauts from the hostile extra-terrestrial environment as well as to provide them comfort in order to guarantee an acceptable life quality during the Space missions. Due to these peculiarities, all extra-terrestrial dwellings are characterised by high level of technologies, punctual controls and constant maintenances. Moreover, Spacecrafts are not fully considered as “buildings” despite the crews’ long permanence and activities inside them. So far, the stringent conditions have required that their design and construction process must be tackled by mechanical and aerospace industries. From the perspective of long period missions, it is necessary to involve architects and building experts in order to enhance the user experience through the definition of more habitability and liveability requirements in Spacecrafts. This research wants to involve the participation of architects and building experts during the design process of a Space Vehicle-Building (SVB) by detecting a framework for Space architecture and construction Design Processes.

Keywords: Space architecture; Building Information modelling; design and construction process.


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