Socio Economic Impact Assessment of City Growth on Residents of Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India

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    Agarwal, Bindu
    Sharma, Aanchal
    Kulkarni, Satish
    2019 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers
    Interpretation traditional built environment and practice


The city of Dehradun till 1980 was well known as a city of green hedges and gray hairs. With the time,
the city has experienced prompt socio-economic changes both positive and negative on the general public. These revolutionary changes are seen after November 2000, when Dehradun made the capital of Uttarakhand state. Being the capital of a new state acted as a magnet for a variety of new jobs. The studies show a built-up area of the city is almost doubled in the amount that was twenty years back. One side the population and load on land is increasing on the hand availability of land is restricted. Due to urbanization in Dehradun changes in a built-up area, impact a lot on socio-economic conditions of people. To identify the Impact of land-use and land cover change on the residents of Dehradun the field survey was done on a restructured questionnaire among the 303 samples. The samples include the head of the families since 1998 living into Dehradun along their experience with the growth. This research predicted the socio-economic impact of urban growth ahead of the actual growth, raising realm stage of the future urban growth and expected to avoid ill effects, if any, through holistic integrated and sustainable planning measures.

Keywords: Revolutionary changes, magnet, changes in residential areas, sustainable planning


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