Smart Silver Towns: Prospects and Challenges

  • YEAR
    Kim, Sung Jun
    Shin, Jaehyun
    2018 Conference Papers
    Architectural Science: Architecture, Design and Environment
    Conference Papers


The recent rise of residential developments for the aged in Korea, combined with smart technologies is underpinned by a confluence of social and technological changes. Korea is one of the countries with significant increase in aging population. The rapid increase of the elderly combined with lack of supporting facilities have led to recent building developments in Korea in the form of silver towns, i.e. high-rise building units targeted specifically at the aging population. These developments incorporate information technology infrastructure, in which Korea has invested heavily in recent decades. The silver towns are increasingly being conceived, designed and marketed as smart living environment for the elderly. The research investigates changes in patterns of use in silver towns integrated with smart technologies from the perspective of aged residents.


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