Smart Heritage in selected Australian local government smart city policies

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    Batchelor, David
    Schnabel, Marc Aurel
    2019 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers
    Digital architecture


Smart Heritage leverages the past to transform cities into smart cities. It bridges a theoretical
framework between the existing smart cities and heritage discourses and can benefit both the smart
and heritage of aspirations of cities. The recent increase in the preparation of smart city policies by local governments in Australia provides an opportunity to examine how the recent generation of smart city
strategic documents implement Smart Heritage. This paper will investigate how three local government
smart city policies in Australia; City Futures Strategy by Logan City Council, Lake Mac Smart City Smart
Council: Digital Economy Strategy 2016-2020 by Lake Macquarie City Council, and Smart, Connected
Brisbane by Brisbane City Council; implement Smart Heritage. It will also briefly discuss the areas in the policies where further implementation of Smart Heritage can support the smart city ambitions of the

The main findings are the policies subtly implement Smart Heritage, and it is most present in highlevel
definitions and objectives. There is a need to develop Smart Heritage lower-level provisions and
initiatives as there is a lack of these across the policies. Nevertheless, there is ample theoretical overlap between Smart Heritage and the policies to further implement Smart Heritage within the existing policy frameworks.

Keywords: Smart heritage; smart city; heritage.


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