Smart Cities with no brain: A case for urban design studies utilising open-source platforms

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    Ye, Yang
    2022 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers


Urban space quality is the core research target of the Chinese urbanisation project. This is a positional paper, using a brief historical perspective of the progress of Chinese urban design, and a current problematic in Chinese smart-city platforms to foreground future studies in urban quality using open-source platforms and technology. Traditional research and design methods are mostly based on field surveys and analogue design projection. Open-source platforms such as street view images have the characteristics of wide coverage, high accuracy of human-scale street information, and low data collection costs, and can provide some new research ideas for the evaluation of urban space walkability. This paper first reviews the development process of urban quality initiatives in the Chinese, and proposes the prospects for future research.

Keywords: Urban design paradigms; Data based urban design; Smart city platforms.


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