Slum development using zero waste concepts

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    Thakuria, Priyanshu Prawal
    Roy, Madhumita
    Dasgupta, Dr. Arpan
    2019 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers
    Construction Material and Construction Practices


Whenever any policies are made for the eradication of the slums, it is always observed that it takes a
substantial amount of time in understanding the same. Thereafter when the actual implementation starts at ground, because of many valid reasons, nil initiatives/attempts are taken by the authorities in exploring the alternative materials/technologies into these projects. As a result, the projects are executed using conventional materials without considering environmental hazards. Government of India has taken an initiative in which affordable housing will be provided to the slum dwellers with a target of building 20 million affordable houses by March 2022. The increasing demand for material supply in construction industry has become a concern and on the other hand construction wastes and debris is another headache. Both the activities are considered as major contributors of environmental pollution. Keeping this in mind, it is advisable to go for the concept of 3Rs i.e. Reducing, Recycling & Reusing the waste generated from construction and demolition activities for the purpose of new construction. This study will assess the quantum of construction waste generation in a slum redevelopment site which can be reused, recycled for implementing the Affordable Housing schemes for the slum dwellers.

Keywords: Slum; C&D waste; Recycle; Construction.


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