Simultaneous presentation of measured and calculated environmental results

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    Luther, Mark Brandt
    Horan, Peter
    2009 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers


Continuous measurement of internal and external environmental parameters is critical to our understanding of how buildings perform. Yet, the quantity and variety of time-series data can be quite overwhelming as well as onerous to decipher and present. In addition to this, is the fact that several of the collected data are useless in their raw format unless processed through algorithms to obtain identifiable and meaningful results.

These circumstances challenge the conventional way we present accumulated data and their processed outputs in order to get a better understanding of how and why the environmental performance occurred. It would be ideal if all of the collected and processed data could be presented in a simultaneous, yet, useful format. It is exactly the intention of this paper to suggest and present such a process as well as its format.

An example case study is provided where several parameters (air velocity, mean radiant temperature, humidity and air temperature) are measured periodically to calculate a time-series of internal comfort performance. However, external conditions of solar radiation and solar position as well as air temperature drive the interior building surface temperatures and help to explain the end result of internal comfort.

A program has been written to present the various sets of data graphically, in an integrated manner, animated as a function of time. The animation shows solar position, a cursor scanning weather data, the changing infra-red image and a representation of the resulting internal comfort performance throughout the monitored period.


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