Simple strategies for improving the thermal performance of the NSW demountable classroom in four climates

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    Slee, Ben
    2016 Conference Papers
    Architectural Science and Space Quality
    Conference Papers


This paper provides an overview of the results of a project that explores strategies for improving the thermal performance of the New South Wales Demountable Classroom in the diverse climates that occur across New South Wales, Australia. The climates in NSW vary between cool or mild temperate climates, sub tropical climates and hot dry desert climates. The demountable classroom is expected to provide comfortable teaching spaces in any of these climates. The NSW Demountable Classroom was designed 50 years ago and accounts for 12% of all government classrooms across the state. The thermal performance of existing classrooms is poor. The project uses a design led methodology to develop strategies that can be implemented by community groups to improve the performance of individual classrooms in particular locations. The strategies are evaluated using a computer simulation model. Predicted thermal comfort and annual energy consumption are used as the benchmarks for performance. The results illustrate that there are multiple strategies and combinations of strategies for improving the thermal performance of lightweight buildings in all of the diverse climates of NSW and Australia. The results also demonstrate that some of the orthodox conventions of bio-climatic design need more thorough interrogation.


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